published by Just Magazine

Kommunikation” is a photo series exploring the gradients of communication— obvious and literal forms to the subtlety of body language. The images artfully portray a phone call, whispers to one's ears, clasping of arms and hands, a gentle shoulder rest, slight touching of shoulders, and intense eye gazes. The project is inspired by animated pantomime movements but is expressed more delicately in the photo series.

Creative Director and Photographer — Jiuk Kim @keemgeewook
Art Director and Set Designer — Ria Suarez @riasuarezstudio
Stylist — Arkadiusz Swieton @arkadiuszswie
Hair and Make-up Artist — Nastasya Tikhnovetskaya @nastasya.tikhnovetskaya
Talent — Meiling Stobbe @meiling_stb & Celine Drews @celine.dws of VIVA Models Berlin @vivamodelsberlin